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How to Avoid Seasickness on a Cruise



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Imagine, you save all year-long to embark on the cruise of your dreams only to have the whole vacation ruined by feelings of extreme nausea. Unfortunately, seasickness can rear its ugly head even if you have never suffered from motion sickness before, but all is not lost! Cruise lines are well equipped to deal with seasick passengers – and the following tips will help ensure nausea won’t ruin your dream vacation.

Opt for a Balcony Cabin

According to AOL’s Travel Report, booking a cabin with a balcony, or large window can help alleviate seasickness because the cabin won’t feel so closed in. On a tight budget? If you can only spring for an interior cabin with no window, experts suggest turning the cabin television on to the ship’s camera channel which will give the illusion of a window.

Invest in a Motion Sickness Band

Motion sickness bands, such as Sea-Bands can help lessen the symptoms of seasickness by applying pressure on the Nei Kuan acupressure point on each wrist.

Ask Guest Services for Help

If seasickness hits you while onboard, ask guest services for help. Most people don’t know this, but according to AOL’s Travel Report, a lot of cruise lines offer anti-nausea pills at no extra cost to cruise passengers. The pills will help until your body becomes used to the motion of the ship.

Get Outside

While it may be tempting to lock yourself away in your cabin when seasickness strikes, experts suggest it’s actually better to get up on deck and into the fresh air. When on deck keep your eyes fixed on the horizon, not gazing down at the waves and water below.

Call Room Service

Cruise lines are used to passengers experiencing seasickness and can help offer you tips, medicine, and certain foods to make sure your nausea doesn’t ruin your vacation. According to AOL’s Travel Report, if you call room service and explain you are suffering from seasickness they will send you up foods – such as green apples, saltines, and ginger ale – that will help combat nausea.