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Escape Over-Tourism and Head to These Five Less Crowded Destinations



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With cities such as Dubrovnik, Amsterdam, Rome and Venice struggling with over-tourism, you may want to skip the densely populated masses of selfie-stick wielding tourists and head to less crowded destinations instead.

According to National Geographic, there are five destinations in particular that are welcoming more tourists – and they are well worth the visit!

Brussels, Belgium
Life in Brussels revolves around the central square, or Grand Place – a UNESCO World Heritage site of guild houses, the City Hall, and the Maison du Roi, writes National Geographic. Full of 17th century buildings and daily flower markets, Brussels is extremely pedestrian friendly with a slew of fantastic foodie options available.

Kuelap, Peru
Built by the Chachapoyas culture in the 6th century AD, Kuelap is a walled settlement located high in the Peruvian mountains. Experiencing far fewer tourists that Machu Picchu, Kuelap is now a little easier to reach thanks to the installation of a cable car, which brings visitors up to the fortress.

Kep, Cambodia
According to National Geographic, the French colonial resort town of Kep, located in southern Cambodia, offers tourists turqoise waters and vendors selling their fresh catch along the waterfront promenade. Founded as a seaside resort for the French elite in 1908, Lonely Planet note sleepy Kep is drawing tourists back thanks to its seafood, sunsets and hikes in butterfly-filled Kep National Park.

Trieste, Italy
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Located in northeast Italy, the port city of Trieste shows off Austrian-German, Croatian, Greek, and Italian roots thanks to its location between the Adriatic Coast and the Slovenian border. Named Italy’s “Most Beautifully Haunting City” by the Wall Street Journal, Trieste is physically isolated from the rest of Italy, giving the city a unique culture.

Guimarães, Portugal