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Delta Flight Attendants Say New Uniforms Are Making Them Sick



Source: Delta

It has been 18 months since Delta unveiled their new purple uniforms and although they make look snazzy, flight attendants for the airline claim the uniforms are actually making them sick.

According to Business Insider, Delta flight attendants have experienced a variety of health problems including hives, respiratory issues, migraines, and hair loss. They suspect the issues may be caused by chemicals in the new uniforms.

“It started with little spots,” said one flight attendant who experienced severe skin issues allegedly caused by exposure to chemicals in the new uniforms told Business Insider. “I just didn’t know what it was. The last thing you’re going to think is your clothes.”

According to Business Insider, flight attendants feel Delta has been slow to address their concerns. “Delta says that it’s worked to identify the cause – it commissioned a toxicology analysis, but the report – released in November – said that it did not find anything to account for the range of symptoms flight attendants are experiencing,” Business Insider reports.

Delta’s uniforms, like other flight attendant uniforms, are normally treated to be wrinkle, stain, and fire-resistant, with the Association of Flight Attendants telling Business Insider, “poor quality control in the global supply chain that produces the uniforms can lead to a dangerous amount of chemicals such as formaldehyde and heavy metals like nickel and chromium.”