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Airline Fines Teen for Wearing Multiple Layers of Clothing



Source: Getty Images
A teen passenger’s attempt to avoid paying baggage fees has ended up costing her more!
According to TravelPulse, an airline is fining a teen traveler in Australia after she tried to board a plane wearing six layers of clothing.
The 19-year-old Australian girl realized she would be overweight on her luggage and tried to avoid it by wearing the excess clothing – but her plan failed.
“I’m small and petite but I looked like the exact opposite,” she said, in a statement reported by TravelPulse, adding that the excess layers of clothing made her look like Augustus Gloop from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
“Everyone in line was staring at us and laughing at us, it was kind of embarrassing,” she said. “People were annoyed that we were holding the plane up.”
According to TravelPulse, the teen traveler was not only forced to pay the overweight baggage fee, but the airline also fined her an undisclosed amount.