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Volcom Expanding into Surf Travel Market

Source: Volcom

Action-sports brand Volcom is expanding into the surf travel market and collaborating with hospitality brand Salina to launch the Salina x Volcom Surf Club.

According to Yahoo! Finance, Salina x Volcom is aimed at Gen X and Millennial travelers, and, in particular, remote workers looking to combine their love of surfing with various other holistic experiences.

“We are excited about this partnership as it creates a new vertical for Volcom and engages the next wave of modern professionals,” said Wesley Chu, SVP of APAC, Spyder and Volcom at ABG, owner of the brand. “Through this partnership, we are able to stay true to our mission of connecting our fans through the pursuit of a passion for surfing.”

“Surfing has always been a primary focus at Volcom since the beginning,” Ryan Immegart, CMO at Volcom said in a statement. “Selina has an exceptional ability to foster unique communities in their co-working destinations through experience and engagement. We are excited to build on that and inspire surfers from all walks of life to be immersed in our culture through a truly special partnership.”

With surf club packages in Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, and Portugal, surfers will be able to catch some waves in some of the best surf spots in the world, along with immersing themselves in the local culture through food, music, art and various events.

“We have been working with Volcom and our team of local experts to curate amazing amenities and experiences that allow our guests to move seamlessly from work to play and from sport to leisure,” Ariel Levinsohn, vice president of Global Brands and Creative at Selina, shared in a press release.

Together with local experts, the surf packages will offer a range of activities including private and group lessons, surf camps, excursions, retreats, and equipment rentals. In addition, Selina and Volcom will be collaborating on a limited-edition capsule collection, which will include surf-club destination-specific hoodies, tees, and hats.

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