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Almost 80 Percent of People Want to Travel in 2021



Source: Getty Images

A new survey has found that almost 80 percent of consumers want to travel in 2021 – and 61 percent said they would be willing to spend more than they normally would on a vacation!

According to the Travelmarket Report, a survey conducted by American Express Travel: Global Travel Trends Report, found that people are anxious to get traveling again in 2021.

Of those polled, a whopping 87 percent said that having a trip planned in the future would give them something to look forward to and 78 percent revealed they wanted to travel in 2021 to get over the stress of 2020.

“Our latest global trends report shows that there is a pent-up demand for travel among consumers, with many people longing for and beginning to plan future trips,” said Audrey Hendley, President of American Express Travel, in a statement reported by Travelmarket Report.

The survey found 65 percent plan to travel after they and their family members have received the COVID-19 vaccine and 61 percent plan to spend more than they normally would on a vacation since they didn’t travel in 2020.

The survey also showed trends in future travel with 80 percent revealing they would consider traveling in the “off-season” to avoid crowds, and 81 percent citing cleanliness standards as their main travel criteria.

Travel agents could also be in hot demand for post-pandemic travel with nearly three in five people revealing they would use a travel agent to help plan and book their next vacation.