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This Florida Highway is Named One of the Most Haunted in America



Source: Pinterest
It’s a busy highway that transports thousands of Floridians and tourists from the west and east coasts through Orlando, but I-4 also has a more ominous side.
According to RV Trader, the busy highway has also been named one of the most haunted roads in America, with many drivers experiencing strange and spooky experiences while driving on I-4 as it passes through the Sanford area.
“In Sanford, the interstate that connects Tampa to Daytona sits atop the remains of Saint Joseph’s Colony, an early town of Swedish immigrants,” RV Trader reports. “A century after the entire community perished of yellow fever, the south end of the I-4 bridge was constructed over their graves. Now, that cursed stretch of road is known as “The Dead Zone,” where electronics malfunction, cell phones lose their service, and mysterious orbs of lights appear.”
According to RV Trader, other haunted roads in America include Essex St., Salem, MA; Whiskey Hollow Road, NY; Archer Avenue, Chicago; Route 66, Missouri; and Route 375, Nevada.