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Iceland Implementing a Visitor Tax



Source: Pinterest
In order to help protect its environment, Iceland Prime Minister Katrin Jakobsdottir has revealed the country plans to implement a visitor tax in 2024.
“Tourism has really grown exponentially in Iceland in the last decade, and that obviously is not just creating effects on the climate,” Jakobsdottir said in an interview with Bloomberg. “It’s also because most of our guests who are coming to us are visiting the unspoiled nature, and obviously it creates a pressure.”
According to USA Today, the tax will be a broader version of a previous accommodation tax the country suspended during the pandemic, according to a spokesperson for Iceland’s Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs. “It is intended to expand taxation to cover passengers on cruise ships alongside hotels, recognizing the impact on our seas as well as land.”
USA Today reports Iceland welcomed more than 1.7 million overnight visitors from outside the country in 2022.