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Thousands Volunteer for Royal Caribbean’s Test Cruise



Source: Royal Caribbean

How do you feel about taking a cruise during COVID? If you’re chomping at the bit to pack your suitcase and sail the high seas once, you’re not alone.

According to People, over 100,000 people have signed up to take part in Royal Caribbean’s test sailings, just days after the cruise line issued a call for volunteers.

“And just like that…100,000 people have volunteered. We can’t wait to start this next phase with you all!” Michael Bayley, Royal Caribbean’s president and CEO, wrote on Facebook.
Royal Caribbean will participate in trial sailings as part of the CDC’s requirements to resume sailings after the coronavirus pandemic berthed vessels for most of 2020.

“Royal Caribbean has some of the most loyal guests in the cruise industry, and we have been overjoyed with their interest to take part in our simulated trial sailings,” the company wrote on Facebook. “While we review the requirements proposed by the CDC and consider when we can host our simulated trial sailings, we are gathering information from those who have shown interest. Our priority is to ensure that we can exercise our comprehensive set of measures in a safe and healthy manner while making sure we provide a memorable vacation experience.”

According to Travel+Leisure, volunteers must be at least 18 years old and show a medical certificate.