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This Airline Plans to Weigh Passengers Before They Board



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One airline will soon start weighing not just luggage but passengers also!
According to USA Today, Korean Air has revealed it will soon start weighing passengers anonymously, citing flight safety – however, passengers can opt out of stepping on the scale if they so choose.
“Korea Air will weigh passengers along with other airlines in Korea to provide data required by Korea’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT) to update its ‘Aircraft Weight and Balance Management Standards,'” the airline released in a statement, reported by USA Today.
According to a report by Korea JoongAng Daily, airline employees in South Korea will be weighing passengers for domestic flights departing from Gimpo Airport in Seoul from August 28 to September 6. Additionally, the weighing of passengers will also take place at Incheon International Airport from September 8 to 19.
According to USA Today, every five years, Korean airlines are required to calculate the standard weight of passengers. This average is used to determine weight distribution on airplanes.
“Korean Air passengers will be asked to step on scales with their carried-on items at each boarding gate,” an airline official told a Korean news outlet in a statement reported by USA Today. “The data collated anonymously will be utilized for survey purposes and doesn’t mean overweight passengers will need to pay more.”