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Tracee Ellis Ross Reveals How Her Famous Mom Influenced the Way She Travels



Source: Film Magic via Getty Images
Tracee Ellis Ross is gracing the cover of Travel+Leisure and sharing how her upbringing with her famous mom shaped the way she chooses to travel and see the world.
The actress opened up to T+L about being Diana Ross’ daughter and how her mom’s musical career meant Tracee started traveling the world from a young age.
“Growing up this way allowed me to understand that, even though people may not speak the same language, we are all the same,” she shared with T+L. “That allowed me to feel safe anywhere. The things that make us different are what make life so robust and textured.
“Because of the magnitude of my mother’s life and the way she mothered, I know that home lives inside me, I can find and create a home wherever I am,” Tracee revealed, adding that sometimes that mindset can result in overpacking!
It’s a habit she learned from her mom, with Tracee sharing Diana Ross would even ship a turkey to Switzerland for Christmas.
“Home just comes with you,” the Blackish star told T+L about her inherited trait of overpacking.