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Pet Dog Dies After Being Placed in Overhead Bin by Flight Attendant



Source: United

The owners of a French Bulldog, who died after a United Airlines flight attendant forced them to place the dog in an overhead bin, are speaking out about their ordeal.
Kokito, the 10-month-old French Bulldog, was initially brought onboard the plane in a pet carrier, but when the dog’s owner, Catalina Robledo, had difficulties putting the carrier underneath the seat in front of her, a United Airlines flight attendant forced them to put Kokito in the overhead bin.

“It’s a dog, it’s a dog,” Robledo said she told the attendant. “He can’t breathe up there.”

According to Robledo the flight attendant insisted, saying, “It doesn’t matter, it still goes up there.”
Robledo said Kokito barked for two hours of the three and half hour flight from Houston to New York before he stopped. Robledo was unable to get up and check on the dog due to turbulence on the plane. When the flight was over they found that Kokito had died.

United Airlines issued an apology, saying, “This was a tragic accident that never should have occurred, as pets should never be placed in the overhead bin.” The incident is under investigation.