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Passenger’s Awful Airplane Travel Tweet Goes Viral



Source: Twitter via Jessie Char

JetBlue passenger Jessie Char’s tweets documenting her “nightmare” flight has gone viral after she witnessed something truly appalling from a fellow passenger.

Char thought she had won the jackpot when she boarded her flight from Long Beach, California, only to find she had a whole row to herself.
Sharing her joy in a tweet, Char captioned a photo of the empty row, “My two favorite people to sit with on a plane.”
Sadly her joy wasn’t to last long when two bare feet, belonging to the passenger in the seat behind, popped out either side of the chairs.
She shared a tweet of the encroaching feet, captioning the ‘foot’age, “Today, I flew on the set of a nightmare.”
Speaking to the Today show, Char revealed it only got worse when she saw one of the feet reach over to open the window and then close it again!

According to Char, she endured the unwanted feet for a good ten minutes before a passing flight attendant caused the feet to withdraw back into their own row.