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Once-in-a-Lifetime Hotel to Open at the North Pole

Source: Luxury Action

Tourists looking to experience everything the snowy North Pole has to offer will soon get chance to stay in the world’s most northernmost hotel – if they have an extra $100,000 to spare!

According to CNN, a temporary hotel site will open up at the North Pole in April 2020, thanks to Luxury Action, the travel company behind the frosty idea.

“The season at North Pole lasts one month only, because it is the only month when in a year you can travel there in a safe way,” Luxury Action revealed of why the hotel will only be open in April.

North Pole Igloos Hotel will consist of 10 heated domes complete with en suite toilet, on-site camp manager, Arctic wilderness guide, chef, and that all-important security team to protect against hungry polar bears.

According to CNN, for approximately $100,000, adventurous travelers can purchase the once-in-a-lifetime package, which includes a two-night stay in Svalbard, helicopter transportation to a North Pole ice camp, and transportation to the glacier housing the North Pole Igloos Hotel.


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