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New Hiking Trail Links Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania



Source: Baltic Trails

If you love to take a hiking vacation, a brand new 1,300-mile hiking trail linking three Baltic countries could be the bucket list holiday of your life!

Travel+Leisure reports the new hiking trail cuts through several national forests, connecting through Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.
Walking the entire trail would take approximately 102 to 114 days to traverse, however, the Baltic Forest Trail is broken down into 50 different one-day hike options for those not ready to tackle the trail in its entirety.

Even more exciting is that the Baltic Forest Trail is part of a larger European path that will eventually join the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, and the Baltic States.

Hikers can expect some truly stunning scenery along the path, especially as it cuts through the famous Gauja National Park. The park is home to some 500 monuments and historical markers, Travel+Leisure reports and includes stone castles, churches, and windmills – truly the stuff of fairytales.
The Baltic Forest Trail starts in Lazdijai, Lithuania at the Polish-Lithuanian border and ends in Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia. The path can be followed in both directions, so hikers can choose Tallinn as the starting point if they prefer.

According to Travel+Leisure, organizers are working to map out accommodations and attractions along the path – and hikers are urged to pre-book accommodations before they begin their journey, especially during the busy summer months, the European Ramblers Association said.