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NASA Has Plans to Crash the ISS into the Pacific Ocean



Source: Getty Images

The International Space Station is inching ever closer to retirement – and once it does, NASA has plans to crash it into the Pacific Ocean.

According to CNN, NASA plans to continue operating the International Space Station until 2030 when it will be replaced by commercially operated space platforms.
In a newly published International Space Station Transition report, CNN reveals NASA plans for the ISS to “fall to earth in an area known as the South Pacific Oceanic Uninhabited Area – also known as Point Nemo.”

According to CNN, Point Nemo is located approximately 3,000 miles off of New Zealand’s eastern coast and 2,000 miles north of Antarctica. It has become the resting place for around 263 pieces of space debris from the US, Russia, Japan, and several European countries.

The ISS launched in 2000 and has welcomed astronauts from 19 different countries during its time orbiting 227 nautical miles above planet earth.