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How to Bypass Hawaii’s Strict Quarantine Rule



Source: Alamy

After Hawaii implemented a strict quarantine rule for all incoming tourists due to COVID-19, many saw their dreams of a summer Hawaiian vacation go up in smoke.

However, for a state which sees much of their revenue coming from tourism, Hawaii is eager to begin welcoming vacationers back to their islands and will implement a new program allowing for a bypass of the quarantine rule.
Beginning August 1, Hawaii will allow tourists to visit the islands and forego the mandatory quarantine if they can show a negative COVID-19 test upon arrival.

“The health of our community remains our primary focus. This multi-layered pre-travel testing and screening process allows travelers an alternative to the 14-day travel quarantine in a way that protects the health and safety of our [locals] and visitors,” Hawaii’s Governor David Ige said in the release. “Now is the time to work together to ensure that our local businesses can safely re-open to incoming travelers.”

According to USA Today, the new program has not been finalized, but a report from Hawaii’s Health Department states “out-of-state visitors will probably need to undergo an PCR (polymerase chain reaction, or nasal-swab) test approved by the Food and Drug Administration from a lab certified by the FDA’s Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.”

“Travellers will be required to provide printed or emailed pre-test certification as evidence of a negative test result,” the report revealed. “Travellers will be responsible for the cost of the pre-travel test.”

The results of the test must be provided upon arrival in Hawaii and testing will not be available at any of Hawaii’s airports.

USA Today reports Hawaiian airports will continue to do temperature checks on incoming passengers and those displaying symptoms of COVID-19, or a temperature of 100.4 degrees and higher will be whisked off to do a secondary screening at the airport.