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CDC Removes All Countries From its “Do Not Travel” List



Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

For the first time in months, there are no countries on the CDC’s “Do Not Travel” list – a list of countries the CDC has warned Americans not to travel to due to “very high” COVID-19 levels.

According to USA Today, the CDC removed 89 countries from its Level 4 “Do Not Travel” list on Monday. Level 4 is now reserved for “special circumstances” such as a new variant, dangerous spikes in COVID cases, or a healthcare infrastructure collapse.

Levels 1, 2, and 3 will update on a 28-day basis, with Level 3 countries having a “high level” of COVID-19 cases. Travelers who aren’t fully vaccinated are still advised to avoid traveling to countries on the CDC’s Level 3 list. The warning does not apply to vaccinated tourists.

USA Today reports Level 2 contains countries with “moderate” COVID-19 cases and Level 1 contains countries with “low” COVID levels.