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Finland Crowned World’s Happiest Country



Source: Visit Finland

Despite frigid temperatures, Finland is home to the happiest people in the world once again!

The country topped the annual World Happiness Report for 2022 for the fifth year in a row, followed by Denmark in second place and Iceland in third.
The list ranks countries based on how citizens evaluate their own lives and takes into account measures such as social support, generosity, freedom to make life choices, and GDP per capita.

According to the 2022 World Happiness Report, these are the top twenty happiest countries in the world:

1. Finland
2. Denmark
3. Iceland
4. Switzerland
5. Netherlands
6. Luxembourg
7. Sweden
8. Norway
9. Israel
10. New Zealand
11. Austria
12. Australia
13. Ireland
14. Germany
15. Canada
16. United States
17. United Kingdom
18. Czechia
19. Belgium
20. France