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Dubai Voted Most Overrated Travel Destination



Source: Pinterest
With reviews such as “deplorable,” “materialistic,” and “shopping hell hole,” Dubai has been crowned the unenviable most overrated travel destination in the world.
According to the Daily Mail, a Reddit thread dedicated to the most overrated travel destinations in the world, has seen the Middle Eastern location slammed for being overpriced and boring – unless you’re interested in shopping, dune bashing, or laying on the beach.
Other destinations sparking debate on the Reddit thread include Niagara Falls – with one user calling it a “sad, decaying town” – Walt Disney World in Florida, and the Caribbean island of Jamaica.
“In Jamaica, it’s best to stay at a resort,” one Redditor advised, adding, “It’s not an island where you want to go rent an Airbnb and a rental car and ‘live like a local’ can you can on a lot of islands in the Caribbean.”
Los Angeles, Miami, Egypt, and Santorini also found themselves on the thread, with Miami chastised for being “all about appearances and money,” the Daily Mail reports!