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Disney Investing $60 Billion into Theme Parks and Cruise Line



Source: Disney Parks
Disney is planning to expand its theme parks and cruise line to the tune of $60 billion!
According to the Associated Press, the company will invest the money over the next ten years, saying in a statement it has significant room to expand its parks further with more than 1,000 acres of land for future possible development at its theme park sites around the world – that’s equal to about seven new Disneyland parks!
Disney CEO Bob Iger said that $17 billion of that will be invested in Florida – and the company is also laying out long-term plans for new attractions and amenities at its California Disneyland Resort.
“Today, as Disney considers future growth opportunities, there is a deep well of stories that have yet to be fully explored in its theme parks,” the company said in an investor briefing, adding that it plans to “explore even more characters and franchises,” to Disney parks around the world.