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Best Money-Saving Travel Tips & Tricks



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If you’re looking to get away, but don’t want to break the bank, check out these tips and tricks to make for vacation that’s easy on your wallet.

Home Rental vs. Hotel
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Using sites such as Airbnb, you will find that renting a home for a week in the town of your vacation destination is a huge savings compared to that of a hotel. Keep in mind, if you rent a house, that means a full kitchen. Stock up on groceries instead of dining out and you’ll save a boatload of cash.

Plan Ahead
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Before you decide to travel, do as much planning as possible. By mapping out where the cheapest gas stations are and where you plan to stop for food, it can save you hundreds. If you’ve decided on seeing a show or visiting a theme park, buy your tickets online ahead of time and save.

Consider a Stay-cation
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Play tourist in your own town to make your dollar stretch as far as possible. You won’t need a rental car or a pricey airline ticket. Check out areas in and around your town for a budget-friendly vacation.

Book During Off-Season
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Traveling during a specific time of the year can make a huge impact on the price you will pay for your next vacation. Avoid booking during peak travel times and focus your getaway around off-season to get the best bang for your buck.

Limit Shopping
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Don’t go overboard on buying every knickknack you see. You can go without the personalized picture frames and refrigerator magnets. Hotel boutiques and high-traffic tourist areas can jack up the price on clothes and novelty items so just say no to a shopping spree. All these items can add up over your vacation stay.

Skip Alcohol at Dinner
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Skip the martinis and bottles of wine when dining out and your bank account will thank you. If you make a habit of ordering drink after drink while you dine, chances are you are actually spending more on your drinks than you are on your meal.

Look Into Exchange Rates
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Consider exchange rates when traveling to other countries. Watch out for exchange centers that will cost you extra.

Flight Alerts
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Be strategic when it comes to booking your flight. Flight prices vary from day to day so make sure you do your research on what day is best to book. Download one of the apps or tracker applications that will alert you when flight prices decrease.