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Bahamas Reverses Ban on US Tourists – But There’s a Catch!



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US tourists are once again welcome to vacation in the Bahamas – but if you want to visit, you’re going to have to quarantine for 14 days.

The Bahamian government recently announced a ban on US tourists to the islands due to the rise in Covid-19 cases in both countries, but have now reversed that ban saying they will welcome tourists from all countries as long as they follow certain protocols.

According to TravelPulse, “All international visitors are now required to quarantine for fourteen days upon arrival in the Bahamas, staying in a government-run facility (at their own expense), and then undergo a real-time PCR COVID-19 test at the end of their isolation period.”

“The new emergency orders do not say what the entry requirements are for visitors on pleasure craft or private or chartered aircraft, which under the travel ban were allowed to still visit as long as they had proof of a negative COVID-19 test,” the Miami Herald reports. “Tourists from Canada, Europe and the United Kingdom on commercial flights were also still allowed.”

According to a statement from Bahamas Attorney General Carl Bethel, “The provisions governing the admission of foreign visitors to The Bahamas were changed in order to create a uniform standard of treatment for all Visitors to The Bahamas during this Pandemic Emergency. The creation of a uniform framework means that there is no longer any need to create any list of countries from which The Bahamas would accept commercial flights; which list thereby excluded other countries.”