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Airbnb Unveils New “Luxe” Tier for the Fancy Traveler



Source: Airbnb Luxe

Airbnb has unveiled a new Luxe tier for travelers looking for upscale vacation rentals, with average nightly rental rates of $1,500 – $2,000.

According to CNN, Airbnb Luxe currently features 2,000 properties, all drawn from their acquisition of Luxury Retreats, and includes a gorgeous Tuscan villa (once used for nobility), a swanky Beverly Hills contemporary property, a modern thatched-roof estate overlooking the jungle in Bali, and an opulent Swiss Alpine chalet for those looking to embark on a luxurious ski escape (it comes with a price tag of over $50,000 per night!).
Each property has to pass a 300 point inspection to be accepted as a Luxe rental and the properties will be partnered with a “trip designer” who can help plan 5 -star services and experiences tailored specifically for the more discerning Airbnb Luxe traveler.

“With Airbnb Luxe we are applying the same approach we’ve used since we launched Airbnb more than 11 years ago — creating local, authentic and magical travel moments now in amazing places to stay — to reimagine the way people think and experience luxury travel,” Airbnb co-founder Brian Chesky said in a statement to CNN.

“From vineyard estates in the Tuscan countryside to secluded villas in Bali, every Airbnb Luxe home has been carefully vetted to ensure it’s the perfect destination,” Airbnb Luxe promises.