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Universal Plans to Bring Frightful Fun Year Round



Source: Universal Parks and Resorts
Universal is known for its popular Halloween Horror Nights each fall – and now the company plans to bring that same frightful fun year-round, courtesy of a new horror experience in Las Vegas.
According to USA Today, Universal Destinations & Experiences revealed the ghouly experience will be called ‘Universal Horror Unleased’ with the new immersive entertainment space anchoring Las Vegas’ AREA15 entertainment district.
“Universal Horror Unleashed is another way we are using our unique style of horror storytelling to engage fans of this genre,” Page Thompson, president of New Ventures for Universal Destinations & Experiences, said in a statement reported by USA Today. “We look forward to bringing frightful fun to Las Vegas year-round.”
Deadline reports that Universal Horror Unleashed will “surround eerie eateries and bone-chilling bar areas,” with Universal promising “a new level of experiential entertainment.”