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Airline Passenger Arrested at Boston Airport for ‘Vampire’ Straw



Source: TSA
A passenger was arrested at Boston’s Logan International Airport for trying to bring a vampire straw through security.
Billed by the company that makes it a self-defense item, a vampire straw is a 10-inch titanium straw with a beveled end. That beveled end can either slurp down drinks and smoothies or, more ominously, be used as a dagger. Either way, vampire straws are “not allowed in passenger carry-on bags,” the TSA shared in a Twitter post.
According to USA Today, Arman Achuthan Nair, 26, from Chicago, was detained Sunday evening and charged with carrying a dangerous weapon, Massachusetts State Police said in a statement. A trooper was alerted after the 10-inch-long titanium straw with a beveled end was found in Nair’s backpack.