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Tourist Finds Holiday Gifts Replaced With Dog Food



Source: AirFrance

A woman returning home on a flight from Europe had a terrible shock when she opened her luggage and found that the Christmas gifts she was bringing home for friends and family had been replaced with dog food.

According to the Associated Press, Gina Sheldon from New Hampshire had her more than $3,000 worth of holiday gifts stolen from her luggage, and in their place found dog food, an old T-shirt and a bottle of shaving cream.

Sheldon had purchased the gifts during her 11-day trip to Italy and Paris, France and the stolen goods included presents for her 16-year-old, along with leather wristlets for family and friends.

Sheldon booked her flight through Delta Air Lines, although the flight was operated by Air France. In a statement, Delta promised to find a resolution saying, “We apologize for this customer’s experience following Air France flight 334. We have affirmatively connected with our partners at Air France and the customer to find a resolution.”