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Tight Vacay Budget? Here’s How to do a Staycation in Style



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No money for a vacation this summer? Why not try a staycation in your hometown instead. It’s easy on the wallet and with some careful planning you create the perfect staycation with memories to last a lifetime.
Follow these top tips tips to help plan your staycation – and enjoy the added bonus of not having to fight road trip traffic, or flight delays!

Check Out Festivals – summer is festival season and chances are your hometown area will have some sort of festival going on. Download the Uber app on your phone if you are planning to have a few drinks and let loose vacation style without having to drive!

Go Backyard Glamping – your own backyard can be the perfect place to set up a glamping spot for the night. Set up a tent with lots of pillows, roast marshmallows over a campfire or set up a projection screen in your garden to watch a movie under the stars. Best of all you know a clean restroom and hot shower is just a few steps away!

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Search for Free Events – search for free events in your area. Museums, art galleries and state parks normally host some free events during the summer and it’s a great way to play tourist in your hometown without breaking the bank.

Do a Food Tour – local restaurants you have been wanting to try? Why not set up a food tour by stopping at a handful of different restaurants during the night for an appetizer, main course, dessert and cocktails.

Take a Dip – most of us when we vacation get to swim in the hotel pool, or a nearby beach, so why not do the same when you are taking your staycation. Pack a pool bag and if there are no lakes, rivers, or beaches nearby head for a local pool.

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Get Outdoors – brush off those cobwebs by getting outdoors. Whether you choose to hike a local path, or rent a bike, nature is good for the soul.
Unplug – normally when we are on vacation we aren’t glued to our phones, the television or our tablets, so your staycation should be no different. Leave the gadgets at home and only check your phone at set times throughout the day.

Research, Research, Research – when we book a holiday chances are we research what we want to do and where we want to go when we get there. Before you embark on your staycation research a little bit about your area and come up with a list of ‘must see’ places and things you want to do.