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The Sick-Fighting Secrets Flight Attendants Swear By

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Do you dread flying for fear of germs? Do you always get sick after flying? Board the plane only to immediately disinfect your tray table with antibacterial wipes? Ever wonder why flight attendants never get sick?

Planes can be a veritable smorgasbord of germs and bacteria. From dodgy-looking bathroom floors to sticky tray tables and a plethora of passengers coughing and sneezing, it’s no wonder so many people are afraid of getting sick after flying.

According to Reader’s Digest, flight attendants have a few sick-fighting tips and tricks up their uniformed sleeves – and they weren’t afraid to share them with the publication!

Reader’s Digest reports flight attendants swear by the following:

Water – “It’s dehydrating to fly, and if you’re dehydrated, your body’s a little weaker, which makes it harder to fight off the germs you’re encountering,” one flight attendant shared with the mag. Once through security make sure to purchase a big bottle of water to bring on your flight, or pack a reusable bottle and refill it before boarding. Reader’s Digest also suggest avoiding tap water, coffee, and tea citing a 2015 study that found plane’s water tanks are “conducive for microbial growth.”

Use Moist Towelettes – Make sure to wipe your hands with the moist towelettes when offered, or wet wipes, which help keep germs at bay.

Pop Some Airborne – Although Reader’s Digest reports that although the science to back up Airborne’s immune system booster claims is lacking, people still swear it helps prevent them from getting sick. Flight attendants reportedly love keeping a stash of Airborne onboard and also throw the smaller packets in their handbags.

Pack Clorox Wipes – Pack travel packs of wet ones or Clorox wipes to wipe down hard surfaces around your seat, especially the tray table and armrests. They also come in handy should you experience a less than sterile looking bathroom. According to Reader’s Digest, one flight attendant shared they wouldn’t eat directly off the tray table, even after disinfecting it, revealing passengers often put their feet on there, lay they head on it and even change diapers on it!

Fresh Veggies and Fruits – Flight attendants swear by eating fresh fruits and veggies and recommend picking up a fresh juice, or smoothie at the airport prior to boarding.

Relax – Although flight attendants are working on the flight, they recommend passengers try and relax, or take a nap during their flight. One flight attendant shared with Reader’s Digest essential oils can help passengers de-stress and relax, with another revealing she encourages passengers to pre-pack a “nap-kit” consisting of noise-canceling earphones, neck pillow, and eye mask.


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