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The Best Budget Tourist Destinations for 2019



Source: Lonely Planet

On a strict budget for 2019, but still want to travel to exotic locales? Lonely Planet have revealed their top ten budget tourist destinations for 2019 and their findings mean penny-strapped tourists can still enjoy the vacation of a lifetime.

According to Lonely Planet tourists looking to indulge in some Alpine sports can do so on a budget in Slovenia. Thanks to its small size and cheap public transportation, Slovenia offers the chance to check out seaside resorts in the morning and mountain villages in the afternoon. Slovenia is also home to some world-class dining and a notable wine growing region.

Sandwiched in between Columbia and Peru, the Pacific coastal country of Ecuador is a great place for tourists to experience a ton of different landscapes. From surf towns on the coast to Andean landscapes and inland Amazon rainforests, travelers to Ecuador can even snag a coastal hotel room for just a few dollars per night.

Located between Greece and Macedonia, Albania offers tourists a similar feel but at a much cheaper price. According to Lonely Planet, the country offers an exciting food scene with plenty of Mediterranean and Italian influences.

Lonely Planet places Bangladesh at number 7 of their top ten budget destinations thanks to its diverse, exciting cities, beautiful beaches, and Unesco World Heritage sites.

Even though Lonely Planet reports prices for tourists have crept up over the past couple of years, those on a budget can still find great deals in Argentina. Overseas visitors can receive a credit of 21% Value Added Tax if they pay for their lodging using an international credit card. Renowned for its wine-growing region, Argentina also offers superb mountain landscapes and European influence in its capital Buenos Aires.

Houston, Texas
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No need to head overseas for a budget vacation, with Lonely Planet placing two U.S. destinations on their top ten list. Coming in at number 5 is the Texan city of Houston, which offers museum buffs plenty of free museum admission options. The city is also home to a diverse and eclectic array of restaurants.

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Who thought the Maldives would make their way on to a budget-friendly travel list, but according to Lonely Planet this island nation in the Indian Ocean can be experienced for a great price. Lonely Planet is reporting several of the inhabited, non-resort islands are now offering locally run guesthouses, bypassing the expensive resort scene. Costs are typically around $90 per night, with popular islands including Thoddoo, Maafushi, and Rasdhoo.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Coming in at number three on Lonely Planet’s list is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which encompasses areas of North Carolina and Tennessee. The national park offers visitors great hiking and best of all the park is free to enter!

Lodz, Poland
As the third largest city in Poland, the post-industrial city of Lodz is cheap to visit and offers a new planetarium, fantastic shopping, a museum of art, artificial beach and remarkable railway station.

Lonely Planet places the Southern Nile Valley in Egypt at number one on their list thanks to the historical itinerary it offers budget travelers. Financially strapped vacationers can pick up an inexpensive cruise along the Nile, or indulge their inner explorer with a desert adventure. Most of the world ancient sites along the Nile can be experienced for just a few dollars.