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Stress-Free Holiday Travel Tips



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Traveling by air for the holidays? With many people hitting the airports to visit family and friends during the busy season, along with delays due to inclement weather, holiday travel may leave you feeling completely stressed out, but there are a few things you can do to try and calmly navigate the peak travel period.

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Plan Carefully – Changing planes? Allow yourself enough time between layovers to allow for flight cancellations and delays due to bad winter weather. It’s better to spend time perusing the airport rather than miss your flight.

Pack Light – With more and more airlines charging to check bags it’s better to travel light. Bringing gifts for the family? Send them ahead of time to your destination to avoid lugging them with you. Traveling from a warm destination to a cold one? Mail boots and heavy jackets ahead of time to save room in your suitcase.

Stay Informed – Download your airlines app to receive instant alerts regarding flight delays, gate changes etc.
Be Prepared – Be prepared for busy airports, especially busy security lines. Have your laptop out, plastic water bottles disposed of, and cosmetics in a clear plastic bag. Wear comfy shoes and use the bathroom before getting in line to go through security!
Give Yourself Enough Time – Leave early for the airport to avoid traffic delays, or delays finding long term parking. You will also want to give yourself enough time to check-in since lines will be long.
Bring Snacks and a Reusable Water Bottle – Purchasing food and water at the airport can cost a pretty penny, so pack healthy snacks and a reusable water bottle you can refill once through security.
Move Around – help prevent blood clots during your flight by getting up and walking around the cabin. If that’s not possible, tap your feet, rotate your ankles, and raise your legs while seated.
Download Stress Free Entertainment – help keep tension at bay by downloading your favorite tunes, a feel-good movie, or a meditation app to help focus your mind away from stress.