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Spend Halloween at Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania – If You’re Brave Enough!



Source: Airbnb

Two brave travelers will get the chance to spend Halloween ensconced in the eerie confines of Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania thanks to Airbnb’s latest competition.

Bran Castle, the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel Dracula, is located in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania. The two lucky winners will be hosted by Bram Stoker’s great nephew, Dacre Stoker, who is reportedly a “well respected vampire expert and passionate advocate of his great uncle’s novel.”
Source: Airbnb

The winners will arrive via horse-drawn carriage to Bran Castle, hopefully under the cover of darkness. From there they will have an opportunity to explore the castle’s dark and spooky interior – including all fifty-seven rooms, before being treated to a formal “blood enriching” dinner in the main dining hall.

Source: Airbnb

Bedtime will be no less of a grim affair. The winners will spend the night in “luxurious velvet trimmed Dracula coffins” listening to the “sound of wolves roaming outside the castle doors.”

There are several rules in place, such as no garlic, or “garlic-scented items” in the castle, along with no holy symbols and guests must ensure all curtains are closed before sunrise!

The competition is open to contestants from around the world. To enter, Airbnb asks contestants to write a short essay on what they would do if they came “face to fang” with Count Dracula.