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New Rocket-Powered Jet Claims to Get You from London to New York in 11 Minutes



Source: Charles Bombardier

Tired of long, uncomfortable flights when traveling international? That may soon be a way of the past, at least for some customers who have deep pockets.

The concept plane designed by Charles Bombardier, dubbed the “Antipode,” will use rocket boosters to amp up its speed, taking you to Mach 24, which is 12 times faster than Concorde.
Source: Charles Bombardier

The Antipode would be launched using a magnetic field pushing it along two conductive railings before becoming airborne and propelled by rocket boosters allowing it to gain speeds up to 12,430 mph.

The Canadian engineer explained to Forbes, “I wanted to create an aircraft concept capable of reaching its antipode, or diametrical opposite, as fast as possible.”
Source: Charles Bombardier

The plane would allow up to 10 passengers. It has not been revealed how much it might cost to travel on one of these planes, but we’re sure it isn’t cheap!