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This 1-month Luxury Cruise Will Set You Back a Pretty Penny



Source: Crystal Cruises

This luxury cruise is about to make history with its voyage through the Northwest Passage. It’s called the Crystal Serenity and will be one of the first cruise ships to set sail in the Arctic region.
Source: Crystal Cruises

Although the landscapes will prove to be stunning, passengers shelled out the big bucks to be part of the maiden voyage. Tickets started at $22,000 a pop, not including extras or excursions such as helicopter rides.

The ship embarked on its journey last week, kicking off its 32-day trek through the sea, which began in Anchorage, Alaska. The vessel will travel through Canada’s Northwest Passage and end in New York City.
Source: Crystal Cruises

Guests traveling on the Crystal Serenity can soak in one of the ship’s hot tubs as they gaze at glaciers and polar bears, or dine in one of the vessel’s fancy restaurants. The ship also features a casino, cigar bar and posh luxury suites.