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Flight Attendant Makes Bomb Threat to Thwart Ex’s Vacation to Miami



Source: Twitter
In late May, a flight attendant named Daniela Carbone was arrested for making a bomb threat before a flight was set to take off from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Carbone was hoping to prevent her ex-boyfriend from flying to Miami with his new partner. She used her daughter’s mobile phone and a pre-paid sim to make the threat and even used voice distortion software to hide her identity. Carbone threatened the pilot, saying she knew where his children went to school.
The 47-year-old also sent the following message to the pilot and aircraft crew: “Tell the captain that we planted three bombs on him in Miami. Stop messing with politics and check the plane because they are going to fly into a thousand pieces.”
All 270 passengers on board the flight had to be evacuated because of the hoax, costing the airline $1 million in revenue due to the rescheduling of flights.
Carbone has since been fired from the airline and she could face up to six years in prison if found guilty. Judge Federico Villena charged Carbone with “aggravated coercion, public intimidation, and hindering public service” on the same day she made the bomb threat.