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Five Gorgeously Remote Travel Spots



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Ah the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It can sometimes leave us wanting to escape – preferably somewhere remote where we can truly get away from it all.

These five gorgeously remote travel spots may not be terribly easy to get to, but they are well worth the arduous travel journey and promise adventurous travelers a real chance to rejuvenate and refresh the soul.

Easter Island
As one of the most remote islands in the world, Easter Island is known for its huge stone monoliths and home to just 5,800 residents. Located over 2,000 miles away from the coast of Chile, Easter Island’s nearest inhabited land is Pitcairn Island – a mere 1,289 miles away! Travelers to Easter Island first need to fly to Santiago in Chile, before boarding a flight to this remote Pacific Ocean locale.

Once there tourists can enjoy archeological tours, volcanic craters, great surfing, scuba diving and the chance to get up close and personal with huge sea turtles.

Faroe Islands, North Atlantic
The Faroe Island archipelago is made up of 18 islands located between Scotland and Iceland. It’s one of the most remote places in the Atlantic and while it can be pretty cold, travelers get to experience gorgeous coastlines, puffin colonies and spectacular fjords. During the summer months daylight lasts for 22 hours each day making experiencing everything the islands have to offer very easy. Although it seems remote, the Faroe Islands are only an hour away by plane from Reykjavik and a two-hour flight from Copenhagen in Denmark.

Tristan da Cunha


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Considered to be the most remote inhabited archipelago in the world, Tristan da Cunha is a British overseas territory home to approximately 266 residents. It’s nearest inhabited island is Saint Helena, roughly 1,200 miles away and 1,500 miles from the coast of South Africa. But remote as it may seem, it still has a pub and a 9-hole golf course and the main source of income for the island is a lobster factory. Currently the only way visitors can travel to the island is by research vessel, which travels sporadically from South Africa.

Perth, Australia
Although it’s home to approximately 2 million people, it’s sheer geographic location makes its a great choice for a remote vacation. Perth is Australia’s most remote city, but also one of the most gorgeous. Lucky travelers to Perth get to enjoy enviable weather, beautiful beaches, stunning botanical gardens and it’s close enough to take a day-trip to the Darling mountain ranges.
For the truly adventurous – with time to kill – hop aboard the Indian Pacific train which takes you from Sydney all the way across Australia to Perth for a trip of a lifetime.

Whichaway Camp, Antarctica

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Known as the most remote hotel in the entire world, White Desert’s Whichaway Camp in Antarctica only opens during November, December and January – the warmest months of the year. Situated in the Dronning Maud Lane region of the continent, the camp is comprised of six solar-powered pods. Lucky visitors to the area get to enjoy seeing Emperor Penguins and a 200 foot ice cliff, along with abseiling and kite-surfing. Accessible only by private charter flight, visitors must first make their way to Cape Town in South Africa before boarding the 5.5 hour flight to Antarctica.