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Cruise Ship Passengers Booed by Protestors Dressed as Polar Bears



Source: Atlas Ocean Voyages
Cruise ship passengers onboard Atlas Ocean Voyages luxury “World Traveller” cruise ship had a less than warm welcome as they docked in France.
The ship was greeted by around 80 environmental protestors, many of whom were dressed as polar bears and sea lions, as they gathered to condemn their choice of travel, EuroNews reported.
As the cruise ship docked in the port of Douarnenez in Brittany, France, passengers were booed and greeted by cries of “Go home,” “You’re not welcome here,” and “shame on you!” According to the Independent, one protestor said that their demonstration was partly “in support of the polar fauna which is suffering from climate change and all the consequences of our way of life in this society.”
Another protestor sold the AFP that she was “fed up with luxury and expedition ships,” adding that the boats “spend their time going back and forth between the poles to do last-chance tourism: see the last penguins, the last polar bears, the last icebergs. It’s indecent.”
The 196-passenger “World Traveller” liner was on a ten-day cruise from Dublin, Ireland to Lisbon, Portugal. The cruise line operates a number of itineraries through the Arctic and Antarctica and promises cruises to “unreachable destinations.”