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Cruise Norovirus Cases Hit a 10-Year High



Source: Getty Images
It’s not only cruise travel that has surged this summer; so have nasty norovirus cases.
According to FOX35News, cruise norovirus cases have hit a 10-year high – and relaxed hygiene could be to blame.
The CDC is tracking the high number of “stomach bug” cases as millions of people flock to cruise terminals worldwide to take the much-longed for post-COVID cruise vacation.
“Norovirus is common in settings where people are clustered,” said Dr. Timothy Laird, associate chief medical officer of Health First medical group, in a statement reported by Fox35.
The news outlet reports that so far this year there have been 13 norovirus outbreaks on numerous cruise lines, including Royal Caribbean, Princess, Viking, and others.
Dr. Laird told Fox35 most people will fight off the virus on their own in about 24 to 48 hours, but infants, seniors, and people with kidney disease are at high risk.
Washing your hands for at least 20 seconds is the best protection against the nasty stomach bug, which is not easily killed by hand sanitizer alone.