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Cocoa Beach Rated the Best Surf Beach in the USA



Source: Wikimedia

Florida’s Cocoa Beach has received yet another accolade after being rated the best surf spot in America by the travel blog ParkSleepFly.

According to Travel+Leisure, Cocoa Beach beat out other surf spot competitors thanks to its balmy sea temps, plenty of breaks, and lovely long beach.
ParkSleepFly evaluated some of the best surf spots in the United States by looking at the number of surf breaks, average water temperatures, length of coastline, number of Google searches, and Instagram tags. According to Travel+Leisure, Cocoa Beach ranked 8.32 out of 10.
“The beach is an iconic and busy surfing hub with an extensive surfing history dating back to the 1950s,” ParkSleepFly said of its number one surf spot pick. “Cocoa Beach is particularly popular on social with over 3,000 surfing-related Instagram hashtags. The sea temperatures are also favorable … so whether you are looking to surf or to swim, it’s going to be a great place to take to the sea.”

According to ParkSleepFly, these are the Top Ten Surf Spots in the USA:

1. Cocoa Beach, Florida: 8.32/10
2. Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii: 7.69/10
3. Huntington Beach, California: 6.67/10
4. Montauk, New York: 6.43/10
5. Folly Beach, South Carolina: 5.80/10
6. San Clemente, California: 5.42/10
7. La Jolla, California: 5.37/10
8. Virginia Beach, Virginia: 3.91/10
9. Half-Moon Bay, Washington: 3.71/10
10. Santa Cruz Harbour, California: 3.13/10