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Cheap Packing Hacks to Make Life Easier



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Packing for a vacation shouldn’t be stressful, nor should it cost an arm and a leg purchasing organizing items. The following cheap hacks will ensure you arrive at your destination with charging cords, clothes and jewelry all perfectly intact.

Bright Ribbon
After a long-haul flight trying to find your suitcase amidst a sea of similar-looking luggage is just plain exhausting. There’s no need to break the bank purchasing a bright and colorful suitcase. Simply find some bright ribbon (several strands tied together work perfectly) and tie around the handles of your luggage.

Tangled Cords
We travel with so many gadgets that keeping charging cords organized and untangled can be a mission in and of itself. The solution? Grab a hard sunglasses, or glasses case and place charging cords inside. Not only will they be protected, but they will also remain untangled.

Use Old Pillow Cases

Can’t afford to splurge on fancy packing cubes? Dig out some old pillowcases and use those instead to separate garments. They also come in handy for stashing shoes and can be utilized to house dirty laundry once you arrive at your destination.

Keep Necklaces Untangled
Traveling with multiple necklaces? Avoid tangles by feeding the ½ of the chain of each necklace through a plastic straw before clasping.

Use Sticky Tape

Prevent messy liquid spills by taping the lids on each bottle closed. You can also place a piece of Glad Press and Seal between the bottle and the cap. Place in ziplock bags for extra security.

Use an Empty Mint or Gum Container

Keep small jewelry corralled by placing inside an empty mint container.

Use Socks for Protection
Place breakables inside a fluffy sock for protection, or place inside shoes.