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Would You Stay in a $30,000 Per Night Hotel Room?



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It’s a hotel that has seen its fair share of luxury loving celebrities and now we get to take a peek inside one of the most expensive hotels in the world, with its fancy suite coming in at $30,000 for just one night!

Josh Gates: After Dark on the Travel Channel takes inquisitive travel fanatics on a tour of the Royal Bridge Suite at The Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai. In a sneak peak Josh reveals “even the soap in this place is made out of 14K gold bling.”

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“The entire island is artificial,” Josh explains. “It’s known as the Palm Jumeirah and when seen from above it is actually the shape of an enormous palm tree.”
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Each suite comprises of three bedrooms and is a livable 924 square meters. Each suite has panoramic views and the hotel comes complete with a water park, dolphins and sea lions!
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Did you know that our legendary fireworks show is choreographed to a creatively selected music track? 4 Days to go! #AtlantisNYECountdown

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