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World Traveler Reveals the Weirdest Place he’s Ever Visited



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An American traveler, who has traversed the globe visiting more than 40 countries, took to Twitter to reveal the weirdest place he has ever visited.

Unfortunately, for fans of England’s northwest coast, world traveler Jeff VanderMeer told followers the British seaside resort of Blackpool is the weirdest place he has traveled to.

“Weirdest place I’ve been, btw, since it’s coming up in the news…is Blackpool, England,” VanderMeer tweeted. “That includes over 40 countries I’ve been to.”

“Absolutely and unnervingly at the top of the list,” VanderMeer wrote.
“Maybe the combo of sleazy and family-friendly, the weird night vibe of jubilation and violence,” VanderMeer said about the British seaside resort.

“The donkeys on the beach. The effed up types of architecture shoved together in the same buildings. The slapping thing at the end of the alley,” VanderMeer explained regarding his choice.
Blackpool, which is located in the northwest of England by the Irish Sea, is heavily dependent on tourism. Today, it still attracts visitors from across the UK thanks to various attractions, including Pleasure Beach, Blackpool Tower and its famous Blackpool illuminations, although tourism has been on a steady decline over the past decade as more Brits choose to vacation overseas where they are guaranteed good weather.