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Travel Writer Reveals Her Favorite States to Visit



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Who wouldn’t love being a travel writer? It sounds like a dream job, getting paid to hit the road (or the skies) to document your adventures! Travel writer Katherine Parker-Magyar has had her travel experiences published in everything from The Week to Popsugar so she knows a thing or two about where she likes to visit.
Katherine recently shared with Insider her favorite states in the U.S. and after having visited all 50 states numerous times, there is one particular state she feels is definitely underrated – Michigan!

Naturally, Hawaii tops her favorite state in the country to visit with Katherine telling Insider, “Hawaii is among the most beautiful destinations on the planet, with its tropical flowers and lush green mountains overlooking an aquamarine sea.”
Katherine also loves Alaska, telling Insider the snowy state is her second pick.

“Alaska feels like one of the last great wild places on earth,” Katherine revealed. “And to head north to the Last Frontier is to truly venture into the wild.”

Katherine places Wyoming third on her list, although it’s the state closest to her heart and one that her family returns to each year.
“There is something absolutely magical about the Tetons,” Katherine told Insider. “I’ve yet to behold any other mountain range on earth that can compare to its dramatic beauty – and I’ve trekked in the Himalayas, the Andes, and the Alps.

Rounding out Katherine’s list of favorite states are California, Maine, Texas, New York, Florida, Louisiana, Montana, Rhode Island, and Michigan which she calls her “top choice in the Midwest.”

“The vastness of the Great Lakes feels oceanic, and the golden sands and turquoise waters of Glen Lake and Sleeping Bear Dune are more reminiscent of the Caribbean than North America,” Katherine shared with Insider about the state she feels is vastly underrated.