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Think You’re Athletic Enough to Tackle this Race?



Source: Samo Vidic

Known as one of the toughest races in the world for its insane vertical climb, The Red Bull 400 is a 400 meter hike that’s completely uphill.
Source: Samo Vidic

The hill, called Planica, was home to three different events. It is located in Slovenia and mostly used for ski jumps and is the destination for international ski competitions. However, in September, participants joined in this grueling race, testing their athletic capabilities.

According to the Red Bull 400 website, “Red Bull 400 is set to conquer the ski jumps of Europe and the US this year, putting sprinters all over the world to one of the toughest tests they will ever face. Warm up your leg muscles and sign up for the hardest 400m of your life.”
Source: Red Bull