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The Best Mini Theme Park Backpacks



Source: Twitter

While it may be tempting to load up a large backpack for a theme park trip, nothing ruins a day at Disney or Universal faster than sore shoulders and a painful back. With the hot summer months approaching consider lightening up your load and carrying a cute mini backpack instead. We love the following five, which surprisingly hold a lot of snacks, sunscreen, and a refillable water bottle!

Jansport Half Pint
It’s the same Jansport quality we’ve come to know and love, but in a mini size that’s perfect for a day at your favorite theme park! Its simple design of one main pocket, with a smaller zip pocket and slip pocket on the front of the bag, means the Jansport Half Pint is super light weight to carry around, regardless of what you pack inside it. Reviewers have likened this little bag to a Mary Poppins bag, remarking on how much they can cram inside to cart around. We love that the Jansport Half Pint comes with a lifetime warranty, meaning Jansport will replace your bag should it not live up to Jansport’s rigid quality control!

Fjallraven Kanken Mini
The oh-so popular Fjallraven Kanken Mini combines the Swedish aesthetics of the regular size Kanken in a cute smaller size. With one main pocket, a small zippered pocket on the front and two slim pockets on each side (perfect for slipping in your cell phone), the Fjallraven Kanken Mini is available in a myriad of gorgeous colors and best of all can survive getting caught in a summer rain storm. One word of advice: the popularity of these bags means there are a ton of fakes out there in the market place, so be cautious of where you purchase your adorable Kanken Mini.

Kavu Mini Rope Bag
As the baby sibling to Kavu’s popular Rope Bag, the Mini Rope Bag is a smaller version with the same two main pockets. Available in an array of Kavu’s gorgeous, fun prints, the Mini Rope Bag is the perfect size for stashing a couple of snacks, money, sunscreen and phone into. Of course, the regular size Kavu Rope Bag is still an awesome option if you need to pack a little more.

Lily and Drew Mini Backpack
Retailing for just $25.99 on Amazon, the mini backpack from Lily and Drew is lightweight, contains plenty of pockets and is just adorable. We love the zippered pocket on the rear of the backpack for keeping our credit cards and cash close to our back and away from pickpockets. The Lily and Drew Mini Backpack also comes with a handy keyleash so you always know where your keys are. The keyleash also comes in handy for a clipping card holder containing park passes to.

Lug Mini Orbit
At just 10 inches high and 7 inches wide, the Mini Orbit from Lug features super comfy padded straps and well-thought out pockets – including a fleece lined cellphone pocket. Retailing at $60, the Mini Orbit is available in different colors and is made out of 100 percent polyester. We love the handy bottle pockets on each side for stashing that much-needed bottle of water, and the clear-view pocket inside that keeps items visible.