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Surfrider Wants Everyone to Head to the Beach on June 17



Source: Instagram

The Surfrider Foundation is hoping that everyone will head to the beach on June 17 for their “Let’s All Surf – International Surfing Day 2017!”
With event locations happening all over the world, Surfrider Foundation hopes the event will “bring together people across the globe to give back to the ocean and help protect and preserve its natural beauty.”
Their goal is to bring 1 million people to the beach on June 17 and they urge people to “bring someone who doesn’t, or can’t surf, to the beach on this special day.”
People can go on the Surfrider official website to download a toolkit that will help them create their own International Surfing Day event at their favorite beach, search for local events, or make a donation. And if you are looking to book a surfing vacation, this is a great way to search for events happening all over the world and head to somewhere you have been before!