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“Real Housewives” Star Reveals Her Top Travel Tips



Source: BravoTV

When it comes to jet-setting around the globe, no one does it like Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise. From private jets to ritzy vacation homes complete with a full staff, the Real Housewives stars get to see the world in complete luxury. But what about their personal vacations? Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Lisa Barlow sat down with Fodor’s to reveal her perfect vacay tips!

When it comes to seeking the perfect destination, Barlow revealed that she and her hubby John Barlow are currently obsessed with three different places – including one location she would love to return to.
“We are trying to find—even this fall—a trip to Portugal, where we do Lisbon to Braga. We found the most amazing house five minutes outside of downtown Braga,” Barlow told Fodor’s. “We’re definitely going to Sicily in the early parts of summer and Puglia. It almost looks like you’re in Santorini. It’s so chic.”

“I don’t know if I want to be there right now, but I’m obsessed with Eastern Europe,” Barlow added. “I wish I could spend more time there. It’s, you know, definitely a moderate temperature for those that don’t like things super hot in the summer. One of my favorite trips I ever took was to Saint Petersburg, Latvia…and Romania. I just think there’s something so fabulous about being in Riga.”

Like many of us, Barlow has her own little rituals and preferences when it comes to flying.

“When I walk to get on the plane, definitely always right foot first. I didn’t really ever think about it! And I count my steps in,” Barlow confessed.
Seat selection is also important to the busy mom of two.

“I die if I don’t have an aisle seat,” Barlow told Fodor’s. “That’s a huge deal for me. I used to love the window seat and then I was like, no, I’m never getting trapped! This woman wanted to sit until the plane was empty, and there was no getting by her, so now I request aisles.”

Barlow also revealed that one of her top tips for packing the perfect carry-on is to ensure she doesn’t pack all her clothes in the checked luggage.

“I always make sure I have a great bag and a great outfit in case my luggage is lost,” Barlow told Fodor’s. “The biggest thing for me is always making sure I have clothes that could carry me over for 24 hours in my carry-on.”