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Portugal Offering New Visa Program to Digital Nomads



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Sick of the 9-to-5 office life? Portugal is unveiling a brand-new visa program aimed at enticing digital nomads to come and stay in their beautiful country.

According to Euro News Travel, under the new scheme, remote workers will be able to come and work in the country for up to twelve months – but there are a few stipulations in place.
Firstly, applicants must earn at least €2,800 (approximately $2,721) per month – four times the Portuguese minimum wage. Applicants must also come from a country not in the EU or EEA and be self-employed or employed by a company based outside Portugal.

“Portugal is a country for immigration. Every year, we receive thousands of immigrants, seeking opportunities in our country,” said Ana Catarina Mendes, a Portuguese Cabinet minister, in a statement reported by Euro News Travel.

The new visa is officially called the “residence visa for the exercise of professional activity provided remotely outside the national territory.” Applicants must show proof of income for the last three months, tax residency documents, and a contract of employment (or proof of self-employment).