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New B&B Suspends Fearless Guests Cliffside



Source: Youngs Adventure Solutions

If sleeping in a regular Bed & Breakfast is just a little too tame for you, a new B&B promises to thrill even the most fearless of daredevils.
The ‘Portaledge’ is the brainchild of mountain climber Eddy Young and for a mere £450 per night adventurous travelers can sleep suspended 60 ft. from a cliff in Dorset, England with sweeping views of the English Channel.

So far only six guests have been brave enough to fork over the money to be strapped to a harness so they don’t roll off the portaledge during the night.

“The experience is unique,” Young told the Daily Mail. “You have normal camping in a field and glamping, but this is the next level. If people are looking for an adventure, then this is for them.”
“I understand it’s quite a niche,” Young said of his B&B idea, which has so far garnered five-star reviews on TripAdvisor. “It’s aimed at professional, high earning people who have got that spare cash, done a bit of climbing before and want to take it to the next level.”

When it comes to needing to take a midnight bathroom break, Mr. Young told the Daily Mail it’s either a climb back up to the top of the cliff, or a bucket!