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How to Plan the Perfect Staycation



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Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, many of our summer travel plans have been canceled, postponed, or put on a definite hiatus. But that doesn’t mean we can’t take a vacation. This year why not plan a staycation instead – time spent enjoying what your hometown has to offer, from the comfort – and safety – of your own home.

Not only can a staycation save you tons of money, but it can also be less stressful. Forget about the worry of missing that plane connection, dealing with packed airports, or finding your hotel is next door to a construction site!
A staycation offers the perfect opportunity to create the same kind of memories a regular vacation does – you just need to sit down and come up with a plan.

Here are our top tips for planning the perfect staycation:

Do Your Homework

When you are traveling for a vacation, you normally take some time to research things you want to do or see when you get to your destination. The same goes for a staycation. Come up with a list of places to visit, experiences to try and foodie joints to eat at. Make sure to check on opening hours, which can change due to the COVID-19 pandemic and any rules concerning face mask use, etc.

Plan Day-Trips
With gas prices currently low, a staycation is a great way to plan one-tank day trips to places further afield. Ask friends or family for their favorite day trip locations, consult social media for tips, and look up Facebook Events for more ideas.

Plan on Detaching

One of the great things about going away on vacation is that we get to detach from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives and truly decompress. This can be a hard thing to achieve when staycationing at home, but with some careful planning, it can be done. Put your email on vacation response, unplug the phone, turn off the television, take a break from constantly scrolling through social media, and just do the basics when it comes to cleaning. You’re on vacation, so pick up that easy summer read you’ve been wanting to curl up with, pamper yourself with a little self-care and spoil yourself with some delicious food items.
Hire a Housecleaner

Do you know why we all feel relaxed on vacation? We get to spend time in a clean – and minimally decorated – hotel room, or vacation home. So why not take some time before your staycation starts to create the same kind of atmosphere in your own house. If your budget allows, why not hire a cleaning service to come in before your staycation to give your home a thorough clean. Remove anything that gives you a jolt of stress – like that pile of unpaid bills – and hide them away!

Create a Backyard Oasis
Before embarking on your staycation, take some time to create a little sanctuary in your backyard. It can be as simple as buying a firepit to roast S’mores over, purchasing some fun and colorful Adirondack chairs, or setting up some tiki torches throughout the garden.

Put Your Mail on Vacation Hold

Nothing ruins your vacation more than some unsettling mail, or an unexpected bill. So why not put your mail on vacation hold like you would if you were heading away on a regular vacation.

Ditch the Watch

Ever notice how you’re not watching the clock when you’re on vacation? It’s so relaxing! On staycation, it’s a great idea to ditch the watch and hide the clocks. You may still be at home, but you’re in vacation-mode.

Take Photos and Videos

Even though you’re not traveling to some far-flung exotic locale, a staycation is still time for making – and capturing – memories. Make sure to take plenty of photos and videos of your staycation and compile them into an album, or photo book so you always have those memories to look forward to of the time you enjoyed a vacation in your home town!